This election is not about Congress versus BJP but the future of youth: Parameshwara

April 4, 2019

Bangalore. April 4: Congress party’s campaigning in North Bangalore Lok Sabha constituency gathered pace on Thursday. To give a shot in the arm for the party’s candidate Krishna Byre Gowda, who is facing BJP’s incumbent candidate Sadanand Gowda at the hustings, Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister Dr G Parameshwara, joined the campaign. Speaking at an election rally in Kamagondanahalli, which is part of Bangalore North Constituency, Parameshwara said this elections is not about BJP versus the Congress. “It is about the future of the youth of the country,” he said. While he described the BJP as a party which supports the rich and the bureaucrats, Parameshwara said The Congress focused on the poor , marginalised and downtrodden in society. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was only making statements with no visible development. On the employment and job creation front the policies of the Centre has totally failed the people. The only aim of the BJP is to convert democractic India into a Hindu Rashtra. “ Are those in the BJP the only Hindu people? Are we not Hindus also”, he asked. ‘BJP leaders are talking as though they are the only patriotic people. Are we not patriotic? They are taking full credit for the achievements made by the soldiers and scientists.” Earlier, in an exclusive interview with Feederfox News, party Candidate for North Bangalore Krishna Byre Gowda said he was getting positive vibes from the people. He said people in his constituency were disgruntled with the BJP’s sitting MP Sadanand Gowda. “Lack of development and several issues faced by the people are key factors in this election.’ He has lost touch with the people and they are looking for a change this time.” In my constituency I have the full support of the JD (S) and our alliance partner’s workers are campaigning for me actively. ‘They already know that I am always approachable and accessible to the people”, he said. “I am confident that I will win this election with a good margin”. .

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