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Glam Fashion All Set to Host Season 2

April 5, 2019

Want to work part-time as a model in Bangalore? Want to get noticed real soon by clients for assignments? Want to be well-connected with a ready professional portfolio to make your mark in the modelling and film industry? Want to sizzle the ramp with the best designer collections? Then the best way out is to participate in GlamnFashion Princess 2019, Global Diva of India. Glamnfashion Princess 2019 is a Bangalore-based fashion and talent pageant show organised by Feroz Khan, celebrity fashion photographer who has a talent to spot fresh and perfect faces for prestigious assignments. Every year trends are changing in the fashion industry and many models are finding it hard to find paid assignments. The selection criteria for modelling is becoming stringent too. It is essential for a model to be well-groomed and trained for many projects. GlamnFashion Princess 2019 is a competition-based ramp show with 10 sub-contests and is the perfect platform for freshers to turn into models.What Kind of assignmnents will be provided to Finalists and Winners?It ranges from ramp shows, designer shows, exhibition, print shoots, calendar shoots, campaign shoots, magazine shoots and short films and album songs.Eligibility: Female with height 5'3 and above between 16 years and 28 years.Glamnfashion Princess 2019 is unlike most other pageant shows organised to make quick bucks with sold crowns that are not obligated to give work to the finalists, Glamnfashion Princess 2019 guarantees client projects to its finalists where they can establish themselves in the industry with proper guidance.Top 10 finalists who are title winners will be the face of our client brands. It's a perfect chance for corporates and college-going girls to get a deserving break in the industry.Fashion Rounds: We have auditions on April 27 and April 28, 2019 at Chancery Pavilion, Bangalore out of which 40 deserving contestants will be selected for the finale. In the finale we have 3 rounds- Introductory Round with a Fashion Designer- Wear Sequence, Western Round and Gown Round, out of which top 10 finalists will become in-house models at FerozKhanClix.If you are interested, then register for Auditions to be held on April 27, 28 @ Chancery Pavilion, Bangalore apply on this link GlamnFashion Princess 2017- Season 1: FB Page: Website: http://ferozkhanclix.com No. (Feroz Khan) : 9004596562Calling No. (FerozKhan): 7892474641 .

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