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Woman dumps husband for investing in IMA

July 1, 2019

BY ARBIN KHANAM BENGALURU: The IMA scam has not only destroyed several families’ financial health but has also caused marital discord. A 26-year-old woman has now separated from her hostelier-husband after she came to know he had invested Rs 25 lakh in IMA without her knowledge. According to Vanitha Sahayavani, the women’s helpline attached to Bengaluru City Police, the woman’s husband has sought help to bring about a compromise with his wife. The husband, Mohammed Aamir, a resident of Chikkamagaluru, runs a hotel and wanted to buy a property in Bengaluru. He convinced his wife Amreen, that he will sell his land to buy property. Later, he sold the land for Rs 25 lakh and was looking for a real estate investment in Bengaluru. In the meanwhile, one of his friends suggested in March that it would be better if he invested the money in IMA, which would fetch huge profits. Aamir invested the money in IMA but failed to keep his wife informed about it. Following the IMA scam, he informed his wife about his lost investment. Angry and shocked at Aamir’s decision and for ruining the family’s financial health, Amreen left his home with their four-year-old daughter. Aamir tried to convince her by involving family members, but in vain. Iqbal, a senior counsellor with Vanitha Sahayavani, said Aamir wanted us to convince his wife to return to his house. According to Iqbal, there where many cases of women and men approaching the counseling centre seeking help following the IMA scam, perpetrated by Mohammed Mansoor Khan, the fugitive proprietor behind the IMA scam. One woman approached the centre stating they were not able to afford school fees for their children and another said they did not have money to pay rent for their house. .

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