Dyslexic beats the odds, shines in academics

May 18, 2019

By Dimple Katariya Bengaluru : Not taking Dyslexia as a deficit, but an advantage, Kushal Katariya who is vanquishing Dyslexia, is a student of Delhi Public School- South. He took this as an opportunity and a possibility to learn differently. He has secured 78% in his 10 th Board Exams- 2019. He was identified having Dyslexia when he was in the 3 rd grade. Since then he has taken extra measures like tutorials, extra classes, that were provided by his school teachers as a professional evaluation, and has also been watching motivational YouTube videos in his free time. He would find it difficult to understand a few concepts and to recall them after learning was even challenging. He had performance issues like to forget, recognize, spell and decode multi-syllable words while writing. However, he would spend 4 hours every day on studying, while tuition hours, homework and assignments added to it. He wouldn’t understand his teacher’s lectures for which he opted for tuitions where his mentor would train and focus on him separately.When it came to academics, he had his family supporting him anytime and also had his friends who would help him with the notes. Despite all this, mathematics and science were his favorite subjects. Facing these hurdles alone didn’t leave him in isolation or neither did he ever get the feeling of being treated like a different person by his family or friends. Securing in the 70’s has left him elated with pride and happiness in his family. Motivational speakers like Sandeep Maheshwari, Dr Vivek Bindra and Deepak Shinde’s YouTube videos have had a great impact oh him. Gymnastics was like his stress buster but had to quit at one point so he could focus more on his studies. Upon being asked about his family’s role, Kushal said that his family never pressurized him to excel in his academics but in fact gave him the best resources with an ongoing evaluation that could shape his life. As of now, he has no clear picture for his career but believes in being happy in whatever he is striving to do. He also conveyed a message to all his readers saying that one must stick around with people who will accept one for who they are and also help shape their lives, stay motivated and use resources around you very wisely. .

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