Amazing faces and talents at Glamnfashion Model Hunt

May 2, 2019

Bangalore: GlamnFashion Magazine (GFM) held a fashion show and audition in Bangalore on Saturday to select the Glamnfashion Princess 2019 Season and talents for their upcoming designer show, Glamnfashion Fiesta. The event, a fashion and talent pageant show, was organised by Mr Feroz Khan, celebrity fashion photographer & fashion designer, CEO of Glamnfashion.com & Feroz Khan Clix who has a knack to spot fresh and perfect faces for prestigious assignments. One amazing surprise, among the several contestants who participate in the show, was the education level and the prime career pursued by the contestants. Several of them were qualified software engineers budding actors. Some revealed their other talents like dancing and singing.Prominent judges from the industry assessed the contestants on their walking style, presentation and confidence level.Speaking to Feederfox News after the event, Tani Chatterjee, who hails from West Bengal and has made Bangalore her home now, also participated in the show as a judge. She is associated with leading consumer brands. She was thankful to Mr Feroz Khan (CEO- GFM), for inviting her for the show as a judge and also to provide tips and improvement points for the upcoming models who participated in the show. “Mr Feroz also involves these models in getting them suitable projects. I am really lucky to be part of this show and magazine so I can guide the young models to take them on the right path in this industry”.Shubha Sriram, Mrs India Karnataka 2016, participated in the show as a judge spoke about the confidence level of the participants. “Usually the contestants are a bit nervous in the beginning but those who participated in this show are so well prepared. I’m sure we have got the best models to make it big in the glamour world.” She also complimented Mr Feroz Khan on his model choices while filtering for this show.Another judge at the show, Dr.Gayatri Suresh, (Fashionista) who participates in beauty pageants and fashion shows all over India said: “The participants have great talents, intelligence and high confidence level. Their attitude and boldness is greatly appreciable. Earlier, we did not have the kind of opportunity and support Glam Fashion Magazine provides. I’m happy to have participated in this show as a judge. Thanks to Feroz Khan and his team for inviting me as a judge and also for his continued continued contribution to fashion industry in opportunities for Freshers.Dhruvita, an aspiring model and a contestant, praised the organizers for providing a platform for young girls like her to showcase talents in the glamour world. “I am very happy to have participated in the show and displayed my talents before the judges,’ she said.‘I am very excited to participate in this event as it provides an excellent platform for upcoming models like me. I am working as a software engineer at Infosys Bangalore and thrilled to be part of the show, said Sakshi Virmani another contestant.Shruthi Ojha of Bangalore praised the organizers for providing a “Platform for today’s youth who are fascinated with the glamour industry and make an impact. I’m very happy to get associated with GlamnFashion Magazine”.Summing up the event of the day, Feroz Khan, the man behind Glamn Fashion Season 2, said: “This is more than a business. It is my passion. I want to give a simple and easy platform for aspiring models to participate and shine in the world of ramp walk, movies, print shoots, etc. We are doing our best to uplift the youth of this country who want enter the world of modeling by providing various opportunities, taking them step by step all the way, grooming them and guiding them in the right direction to help them continue their future goals in this industry”. .

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