Who Will Win Amethi?

Votes till the time of this post for the in-house FB poll on my question, Who will win Amethi?
Most of the comments were that S Irani has been working away cradling that constituency, and that Amethi is ripe for a change, she has charisma that the Congress scion lacks. So much so that someone commented "Vasanthi, is your poll on who will win, or who do you want should win!"
Truth be told, me who has nothing to do with that FFF First Family Fort of Congress, also would like to see a change there. But a few of my journalist friends in UP, who I met in Lucknow last week, said I was mistaken, and that no matter what you want , Congress hi jeetega.
But looks like the ground is giving some other sign. Rahul's decision to choose Wayanad in Kerala or any other 'safe' South seat is a sign of nervousness. If I were an Amethian, I would now be even more cautious to give away a precious vote to a guy who doesn't even trust me enough to give him a mandate that my place has given his clan for decades.
Anything taken for granted for decades, and no work to show, needs a shakeup, needs people to sit up, and sets the stage for a 'we gave you enough chance, we will now show you our power' moment.
That's the whole point of an Indian Election.
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Author:Vasanthi Hariprakash

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