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Man - is an explorer at a fundamental level, be it travel into vast landscapes of endless nature, travel into crowded cities and explore various cultures or travel spiritually into his own mind staying very still. In each of these modes, he comes back having satisfied the inherent explorer within. These explorations, more often than not, result in a lasting to a permanent change in the explorer’s mind, body and spirit.Weekends – for the urban mind invoke hidden feelings of fulfillment and freedom beyond compare in today’s day and age. It’s an ultimate expression of the body’s felt experience like tattoos, piercings or jazz. They invoke a feeling of celebration within us that needs to find expression just like early African-American communities tired from their daily routine of serving their masters sitting around a fire somewhere outside their limits singing the blues giving birth to an entire genre of music that is still widespread and enjoyed to this day.Wheels – are arguably the greatest invention of man that made him mobile beyond compare. One can be brave enough to claim that man went from nomad to explorer or even the hunted to the hunter after its osmosis into human society. Such was the power and liberating capability associated with it.Weekend on Wheels is my brainchild which rides on these core fundamentals of a person. The wheel is irrelevant just as long as there is one. From skateboards to giant lorries can be used to explore nearby undiscovered locations and destinations. This initiative also has an encouraging quality to get people out of their beds, heads, homes, leave their problems behind and dive deep into one’s own consciousness.People seem to be immensely involved in the stories of others. It’s time to be involved in your own. Every weekend has a story….

Author:Girish Shet

Blog Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpq4pXQWRG3kZE2L-wJditw

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