I was born on some random day,Had no idea the world works which way,Was in her arms as tears I shed,Happiness was all around as I lay on the white bed spread.You’ve been bestowed with a wonderful gift all said,But did someone thank the person beside my bed?I couldn’t talk back then but I had this connection,With this person who symbolized perfection.If this person called maa wasn’t there,I really don’t know, I would be where.A million thank yous wouldn’t do,It’s a beautiful feeling, the gift of knowing you.Days passed and years I think,I was two within a blink,For all the days in between I used to crawl,If I tried to walk I would fall.You held my hand and walked with me,So I wouldn’t fall and now I can run you see.The sleepless nights you had so I could sleep,You were always available when I used to weep,The hours you spent just to see my smile,It’s cause of you I even talk now and my emotions fragile.Some more time passed and older I grew,Why dint I ever realize the value of you!Be it then or even now,How could a person be so selfless and so wow?I remember the first day to school I had to go,I discovered the swing and you swung it to and fro.You’ve always made my life easy right from then,Whenever you held my hand, I felt like a cub in my den.I was never worried when you were around,Happiness around you is all I found.I’ve grown so old and you’ve never let go,For all these years cause of you I’ve never felt low.You have this secret that you wouldn’t tell,I’ve screwed up so much but you wouldn’t yell.Its been so many years but I’ve never told,You’re a gem and worth way more than gold.Words would not end and just flow,After all these years, a special thing I want you to know.You’re my sunshine, you’re my snow,You’re my everything maa and I’d give my life to see you glow.Thanks for your selflessness,Thanks for your love and care.You’re amazing and without you I’d be no where.A billion words wouldn’t be enough,Without you life would be tough,A lot of gratitude to you is dew,Maaa, I love you, I love you…and could never imagine a life without you!

Author:Harshith Kochhar

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