A kid goes to his mom and says, “mamma, I am not able to fare well in life“.

It’s atypical for a kid to worry so much about life at a tender age, but what if that Kid is 23 years Old?

Does that remind you of someone familiar to you? or does it remind you of yourself?

Don’t worry, they or you aren’t alone on this ship. A lot of us, irrespective of the age groups we are in, are subjected to a lot of hardships. And life is a bitch. I think that’s something everyone going through those hardships agree.

And that doesn’t end at abusing life but to indulge in self-destructive means. That not only takes away the valuable time in the present but also destroys the potential of the future.

For example, very recently I was upset about something that hurt me deeply and I spend an entire evening eating junk food which ended up in a severe stomach ache and couple of sleepless night. But the point here isn’t about the lost night, the point here is that it could’ve been anything other than Junk food.

And I thank god it ended there.

But looking back at that evening, I thought hard about what I could’ve done to avoid the huge pain in the ass (literally 😛 )

Then it struck me that the more I thought about the incident, the more it upset me and the more it upset me, the more were the tendencies to do something radical. This is an example of erratic behavior based on emotions. In these situations, your decisions are largely driven by your emotions and emotions sitting in the driver seat is one of the worst situations you want to be in. That is the condition that leads to catastrophes.

Bang on!! I was focussing more on that incident so much that I got obsessed with it. I created all kinds of mental images to analyze the incident without stopping to realize that it was useless. The situation was over and there was no point on re-living it.

And looking back that incident didn’t even deserve the effort I put in. It was plain useless. But it taught me one important lesson.

Our actions are largely a result of our thoughts. Feed your mind with useless irrelevant thoughts, the actions would be in equal proportion, useless and irrelevant for your own good.

I was going through my photo albums and stumbled upon this beautiful picture of a “Red-whiskered Bulbul”. This picture spoke volumes about the concept of focus without uttering a single word.

We all know how photographers wait patiently to capture, what would later become their prized asset and fond memories. They focus on the subject so much. They read about the subject’s habitat, when do they sleep, what do they eat, what are the times during which they’re active, their physical characteristics.

The Focus on the subject so much that success in capturing it becomes second nature.

Hence, for those who focus on their life goals and feed their mind with thoughts about those goals constantly. Success comes naturally!!

Hope you got something out of these 530 odd words!!

Thanks for the read!!…

If you know of any techniques that help people focus on their goals, please share them in the comments section below. The world would be thankful to you.

Have a good day 😀 and Happy Weekend.


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