A road that leads to many paths so does life there are paths to be chosen some you are not sure of, completely clueless and some that leads you to a way you’d desire of. Everyone bears their own highs and lows..their races to achieve and their make to identity.She knew the world of love and passion long gone was the heart of stone which she knew less, life’s just been a fancy fairy tale to her with the hopes and wish lists to fill up. A path she chose so unused with the leaves fallen of spring and a no turn to look back, half the way crossed by, a new self she was to the mankind so bold and enriched was who she was. Time was to learn of calm and courage and look to herself with pride.The look was to show up style in a fun, simple, naughty and be your self and carry the confidence. It was crazy shootings this up when i could just wear on myself in the mischievous and funny manner. i’d suggest this look to go for a brunch, party and or a catch up maybe. #lifestyleblogger #personakstyleblogger #bangaloreindia.follow me on instagram roposo and facebook for updates @itsmillisoni..Stay happy…


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