I was always brought up saying that the good wins over the evil. Every mythological story says that it’s definite that the good wins over the evil and this is the era where the evil sustains! Why is it?It’s the Kaliyuga. They say it’s the era where evils happen; but then, isn’t it contradicting the statements proclaimed by Lord Krishna that whenever Adharma (the wrong) happens, when the eternal law of the cosmos breaks and falls out of its path, the God incarnates to set it right. You have become the Hero of heroes, Lord Krishna, when You saw Draupadi (Paanchaali) in struggle and surrendering to you. Then what happened when Nirbhaya, Sowmya and Jisha cried??You held hands when Arjuna felt uncomfortable to fight for his kingdom. What happened when in the same Indraprastha (Delhi) when Nirbhaya’s friend cried aloud for a help??? You say, You exist everywhere then what happens when these crimes take place??On a personal note, yes, I have been abundantly blessed by You! My humble gratitude and Pranaams at Your Holy Feet. At the same time, it’s You who gave me the strength to question when something wrong happens and thus I ask.If You, my dear God, relate this to the ‘Karmaphalam‘ (the outcome of ones’ good & bad deeds) then why aren’t the cruel and the evil perishing?I feel disgusted to even pronounce the name Govindachami, the pervert who feels proud to rape a poor girl and put the entire family into disaster.I request – please don’t keep the punishments for the next births, as said in some theories;let the evil suffer and realize through those sufferings what he has done. It’s high time that You incarnate, in any form as You please – as a physical being, as peoples’ thoughts, as a better social system, but please arrive, my Lord.Discussion Credits: Nikhila Ashok

Author:Arundhathi Baburaj

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