Give a joyous treat to your taste buds with these toothsome breakfasts of North-East India!!
It is a customary credence that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And as we know a healthy morning starts with a healthy breakfast. People usually opt for nutritious breakfast, keeping in mind the nutritive requirements of the body. Interestingly, every household have disparate breakfast depending on the needs, taste and preferences of the individual.
To talk about India, it can be said that India has all the rights to be boastful about its diverse landscape, culture, language, creed etc. Furthermore it can rightfully brag about its boundless repasts as well.

Some of such authentic cuisines are proffered by the North-eastern states of India. Notable for its astounding picturesque and unique culture, Northeast India owns an amazing food habits.

Therefore, here are some popular and salubrious breakfasts from Northeast India, which are not only palatable but health-giving as well. Hence you can break the monotony and kick start your day with a decorous North-eastern cuisine of India.

PUKHLIEN: These golden deep fried balls are made with rice flour and jaggery. It is a traditional snack taken as breakfast by the people of Shillong. Though its sweet, these round sponge puffs brings you the goodness of sugarcane (jaggery is made up of sugarcane juice) which helps combat cold weather and the rice flour keeps one full till your next meal.

POITA BHAAT: This is one wonted breakfast of Assam, it is an age old breakfast item which is still gobbled by locals even today. This bowl of poita bhaat is a mixture of rice, buttermilk, onion, chilly and salt. It provides complete nourishment and helps keep the body cool throughout the day.

PANCH POORAN TARKARI: This delicious curry is concocted with vegetables and spices. The taste of the curry is further enhanced with a dash of seasoning or ‘tarka’. It is seasoned with five different Indian spices or panch pooran. It tastes best when eaten with rice, roti or poori (flat bread). This is a wholesome meal to start a day, with goodness of veggies and wheat.

SANPIAU: It is a popular Mizoram snack which can be included in breakfast for its nutritious values. Rice porridge is cooked with freshly chopped garlic, spring onions, ginger, black pepper ad fish sauce. The salutary quality of porridge and fresh spices can definitely be a healthy option to initiate your day. For more healthy option you can opt for brown rice or substitute it with oats.

PUTHARO: Another delectable repast of Meghalaya is Putharo also known as rice pan cake. It is enjoyed with hot cup of red tea, chicken curry, pork belly curry or any sort of sauce and chutney. It is made with sticky rice, baked in earthen utensils. These steamed rice cakes are oil free which will help you managing your diet.

Hence as the saying goes “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast” do start your day with these healthy and scrummy platter.


Author:Aparna Roy

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