‘Magic of Smile…

‘Magic of Smile’

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss

Smile, an everlasting smile is the one we lack now a days. To Smile, we really need a heart with courage. No matter what we’ve experienced – Good or Bad, Easy or Hard, Appreciation or Humiliation, Together or Alone, Pleased or Annoyed, Fascinated or Bored. Whatever situation you are in, whatever the present scenario leads you to, Smile upon it and see the magic. You can concord the situation through your hands in a positive way.

Personally, I’ve a friend who always say “Smile”, to anyone he came up with. I didn’t understand what he meant to or why he was telling anyone. It took 9 long years for me to realize what he meant and today I’m writing his thoughts through my eyes. I do owe him a lot only because of this as he always say, “Always have a Smile across your face.” Smile through the things you do, it takes you high on your confidence and fruits it offers are the things you cannot value. It’s not about the money you earn end of the day, it’s about the Smiley faces you came throughout the day which counts your day.

In my college days, a friend of mine asked me:

Her: Why don’t you ever Smile?

Me:(With a weird expression) I do smile, didn’t you ever saw that?

Her: Never (with a scary voice), I do observe you a lot and hardly I found a Smile on your face. Dude, do Smile, it looks good on your face.

Me: Okay!! (with a little bit of dumb face) I will try to.

After a few days, she again asked me….

Her: Please don’t Smile coz you tend to be pretending that you are Smiling actually you not.

Me: What? Am I pretending??

Her: Yes, you are. Don’t put a fake smile on your face rather keep that dumb face.

Me: Oops!! 😦

Those are the last words I’ve ever had with her. After a couple of days, I’ve tried to Smile back at her yet nothing worked out. Now, I realized what I’ve done and what I’ve to do.

“An apple a day, keeps doctor away.” We’ve learnt about this quote right from our childhood and I don’t know if it’s true or not. I believe, “Smile and keep doctor’s away.” This is the fact which needs to followed by everyone and the Irony is everyone knows about it and it’s very hard for everyone to digest this. Smile at your worries and enjoy the magic it does because the moment you Smile about it, those worries vanishes and you will find a solution to sort it out. I personally gone through some worries, spent a lot of sleepless nights and I’ve gained nothing except some illness. When I’ve realized that I need to Smile back at my worries and did so, I can see the positive vibes, the attitude changed towards everything and here I am sharing the ‘Magic of Smile’, It’s not that your concern will vanish the moment you Smile. It’s the attitude that changes about the way you see your concerns.

Folks, hope you like this post and please share your feedback…

“Don’t forget to Smile”


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