Solo Trip to Gokarna from Bangalore. (1260 Kms Bullet Ride)


Before the alarm shouts at 3:00 am, the excitement of a solo trip didn't let me sleep whole night and my anxiety forced me defuse the alarm at 2:57 am with sleepless aspirant eyes. After a refreshing shower, I started at 4 am with lots of hope n excitement driven in my eyes to ride my "Royal Enfield" Classic Chrome 500cc "Laado" - (Pet name) to Gokarna, 550 Kms away from Bangalore.

My "Laado" throttled its heart out burning the whole lot of 350 kms through the 6 lane Highway (NH-4), all shiny and black smooth tyre gripped with desire. With the Sunrise my Chrome glittered out shine, tearing the forests and mountains of the Western Ghats hovering up beautiful scenery and landscapes all along throughout.

It took 10 hours to reach Gokarna, I am running short of words to describe the nature, view and the journey in between these miles.....!!!

The first sight of "Kudle Beach" blew my mind away. It felt as I have my very own private beach with sparkling blue water, I couldn't hold myself
dipping into those waves throwing away all my bag packs aside on the rocks nearby and in a fraction of seconds i was swimming in one of the beautiful
shores of Arabian sea. The blue skies, blue water and the white sand took all the stress and pain which i was holding somewhere within from very long,
there were no outlook mails, daily office routine, unwanted people, only i, me, myself was there with few lost beautiful unknown faces and couples.

I headed towards one of the many shacks spotting the beach and checked into Little Paradise Inn located at the center of "Kudle Beach" at 3 PM.
The staff members and the stay was pleasant, I was with all my luck that day getting an accommodation in the shacks even the season was ON. If u ever
get a chance to visit Gokarna, I recommend you to stay in shacks, if you happen to get accommodation in any of the shacks available there, book it
right away. You can enjoy the sea and the "Kudle beach" to its fullest this way. And of course, stay up till late night under the starry sky, listening to the soft music of the waves.

Evening was way beautiful than it was expected.. Little paradise Inn was firmly lighted and the soft music was adding essence to the moment.
I had enjoyed the music, food and interacting with people around. After 11 PM I went to the beach i.e. just 100 meters right in front of the restaurant and i felt alive. I sat down on sands holding a chilled beer with me, the cool breeze coming from sea and the white waves beneath millions of twinkling stars took me to a new level of happiness. I experienced many of the couples, group of friends, lonely souls were murmuring with their partners and themselves. I am sure that was the best moments of their lives and YES mine too. I stayed up till 1 AM and then i went to sleep since i drove all the way from Bangalore and yes I was a little tired.


Haaah! I woke up at 6 AM and went to beach, I found very few people were awake and a few were practicing Yoga. I had a nice walk with my best music in my ears. For an adventurous soul, this is 'MUST' Start early from "Kudle Beach", catch the glimpse sunrise and cover "Om beach", Half Moon and the Paradise beach and come back. I can assure you of a gala time in the company of nature at its best. I too decided to leave for Om Beach, it is shaped like "Om" and the two halves of this Om are surprisingly different in nature. The first half of Om, where Namaste Cafe is built is generally where we found Indian families enjoying the sea. Namaste Cafe, situated on one end of Om beach is accessible by road. It is the only 'proper' hotel on Om beach, all the others being shacks situated on the other end. It is clean, and the restaurant is situated by the sea. I spent my whole day at Om Beach Chilling, Swimming,Tracking, Relaxing and head back to kudle beach in evening 7 PM. I had a nice bath at my shack and dipped into relax at the restaurant, had dinner with few friends which i made there. Again went to beach and today the crowd was double than yesterday. I was at the beach till 2 AM tonight.


Again I woke up at 6 AM went to beach but this time i was having heavy hangover lol. I had a nice swim at the sea and had a nice breakfast with a beer and decided to visit Gokarna city tour today. Gokarna town is a tourists delight. Being a religious town, it has many temples attracting Hindu devotees as well as curious tourists. It is a small town and worth walking around to explore, but other than that and visiting the many temples, there isn't much to do.
A small local eatery in town definitely deserves a mention here. It serves an exceptionally delicious fish Thali and is located one minute away from Gokarna beach. A sign in the lane before the beach leads you to the house where a local family serves you a fresh meal.


It was the day when i had to drive back to Bangalore, a place which has helped you savor your solitude, if you will ask me how i was going through trust me I was not at all in the mood to come back. I woke up and had a nice breakfast and met with the friends that I made there, with all goodbyes and promises of coming back soon again i started through a different route which I was less aware of and went to Murdeshwar temple. I was in all my luck, to encounter the mandir's aarti at 12:30 PM which was just about to start and I was blessed to be a part of it.

I Started from Murdeshwar at 1 PM and after 100 KMs the world famous Jog Falls was on the way. It is a beautiful waterfall which is further enhanced by the
lush green environment, it survives in. The waterfall is created by the Sharavathi River dropping 253 m (830 ft), making it the second-highest plunge waterfall in India. This is an absolutely scenic view that one must see. You can take a plunge in the water at the base.

After Jog Falls the only thing was left is drive back home. I reached Bangalore at 11 PM leaving behind all the joy, happiness, adventure and nice people.
Again the daily work, hectic traffic and unwanted calls were welcoming me into the city lights. But that feeling and the moment which i had lived
in past 4 days will never be washed with comfort of a city like Bangalore. I am now refreshed and filled with a fresh infants spirit to get exposed to hectic world now... LoVe U GoKaRnA......... ^_^

Author:Upendra Chaudhary

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