If you are the one who is a fan of famous television series Game of Thrones then I am sure you know what I would be writing about today.
HISTORY!! And for Bollywood fans some sections of Sharukh khans movie FAN was filmed here too:)

Visit to beautiful country Croatia would have been incomplete if I had not visited this place.
George Bernard Shaw said this – “Those who seek paradise on earth should come to Dubrovnik and find it”.

Dubrovnik called as the “The Pearl of Adriatic” is the UNESCO World Heritage site. Dubrovnik city walls are the most important feature of Dubrovnik and a world renowned iconic place.

The Dubrovnik city walls runs uninterrupted to a length of approximately 6300 Feet encircling the city. The city of Dubrovnik is completely surrounded by the walls and forts.

It was a gloriously sunny day. Beginning my exploration of Dubrovnik upon the wall and ramparts provided an expansive perspective of the city and the Adriatic below, an appreciation of its history and conflicts, and a glimpse into the everyday life of its citizens.

Fairly strenuous walking including steps, there are plenty of stairs, but the rise and footing is quite manageable and Walking around the walls gives you a vivid picture of what life is like inside Old Town and will also show you gorgeous views of the water and the mountains behind the city. It is a brilliant starting point to get to know an amazing place. It took us about 2 hours to complete the tour, honestly was getting difficult to stay more with the hot sun frying us down. If possible evening time is more preferable as you are saved from heat and can enjoy the sunset from fort.

Though I was tired walking but still couldn’t stop clicking at every single step. In my opinion the ancient city walls tour is the top attraction in Dubrovnik.

The view on the city and ocean is amazing! Wandering around these walls is a fantastic experience. You get a bird’s eye view into the life of the city now and it gives you a real sense of how it would’ve felt during the war. The coast is beautiful and the history of these walls is intriguing. We climbed to the top of Fort Minceta gives a spectacular vista across the rooftops, the steps here are quite steep but the view is terrific as it is the highest point. You’ll be spoilt for choice the red terracotta roofs, beautiful Adriatic blue sea and, hopefully, glorious sunshine just can’t stop praising the beauty of this place !

The place is very scenic and the views both inside the old town and out to sea are fantastic. Every corner has something to tell, if you have the eyes for seeing beyond the simple snap shot. Any season will tell you new story in the same place.

No visit to Dubrovnik should be complete without walking around the walls and gazing down into the Old City. These fantastic walls are very old (hundreds of years!) and needs lots of money for preserving. So it was worth the 120 Kunas entry ticket.

With my fresh and young experience of this place I could say that July and August is the most peak season. Best time would be May to June or September or October with sunny days sea is warm enough to swim.

Placa Stradun – The Stradun is like the central street of the city of Dubrovnik. This is the place where the old city comes to life. While walking along the street, the aromas of the mediterrian cuisines are very inviting. The place has numerous of restaurants and taverns serving the fresh and best local specialties.

Fortress Lovrijenac – You get an Amazing view of Old Town from here. The admission is included with the ticket to walk the city walls. There are about 10 Canons in this fort. The visit to this place is a treat to Game of Thrones fans. You get a special tour with the name Games of Thrones Tour with guide to this place.

Sailing and boat trips – Dubrovnik is also very popular for sea Kayaking and boat trips.

I don’t know when I would walk the Great Wall of China, but for now I am convinced that I have walked one of the most magnificent walled cities……

Author:Akkshara Kiran Shetty

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