Why you must work in a Start-up ?

This article is for those who really need something challenging and want to spice-up life with excitement, knowledge, innovation and success.

I am gonna answer the WHY in the title of this article based on my experience and observation. My 2 years of tenure with a Bangalore based tech-startup changed my perception towards a lot of things and somehow helped me discovering a better version of myself. The three of the most important things that changed in my life after working for a start-up are:

Thoughts about myself - I feel more confident and capable of doing things on my own.
Approach - The way we see and do things matters a lot. I try to see in different perspective until the best one is found.
Becoming friends with failures - Success and failures walk hand in hand and there isn’t any way to escape. The more I make mistakes, the more I learn.
Stop doubting yourself and start stepping into your greatness.
Look for a start-up, work there.

Trust me, It’s fun. You wouldn’t want to work anywhere else once you get into the zone where there isn’t any boss and saying ‘I don’t know, I can’t’ is never a crime. Start-up is a place where clock doesn’t exist, people live on caffeine, wear shorts and are ninjas in terms of getting shit done.

You’ll find a lot of start-ups around these days, but identifying a good one is little challenging. But once you get that, you’ll realize over a period of time that how it change your life and perception drastically.

Whether you’re a fresher or an experienced professional, start-ups are good for everyone and vice-versa is also true. Not everyone is capable of working in a new venture. It needs an open mindset to work in a culture where you have to be less judgmental and more welcoming about other’s thoughts, decisions, choices or ideas.

I would like to list out some important point which makes Start-up’s much cooler:

1. Leadership — makes you confident and fearless
You are leader of your own thing!
Here, leadership doesn’t mean being Bossy or get work done by other. It’s about taking responsibility and get things done as it’s is always on priority in a Start-up. As a leader, you are supposed to take decisions and take things to the next level. As you start taking decisions, you become more certain and confident about your thoughts and deliver them fearlessly. Hence, you develop a better version of yourself — a new you. You grow when you lead.

2. Opportunity to Shine and Rise
You get the freedom to go out of the way and work the way you want. And, with this freedom comes a great sense of responsibility. With minimal guidance, you will have to do more and within the given frame. If you’re accountable for something, you will have to lead or make decisions and if you do it right, then you rise and shine.

3. Learning & Exploration — Makes you Creative
You get to work in multiple domains as you have a team of fewer people. You will be assigned tasks from different domains. And, hence you will have to be jack of all trade and develop skills in marketing, management or technical, no matter which specific field you belong to. You develop skills to learn and do things effectively and creatively.

If it’s not there and you want it, Create it.
4. Recognition
Working with the small team is always a benefit in terms of getting recognised. Your colleagues know you. People accept you with your failures which encourages to do better.

5. Chilled-out Work environment
No Dress code, No Formality, No Working Hours!
Wear what you want, come to office when you want. All they care about is getting shit done.

6. Innovate and Think big
You are always surrounded by innovative and thinkers who are full of ideas and energy. You learn to challenge your mind and work on ‘How to think Big’, ‘Out of the Box’ etc. You try to figure out unique solutions to a problem.

Make it happen. Shock everyone.

7. No Reporting — You are your own Boss

8. Sometimes Work Station turns into a Play Station

Working in a Start-up comes as a huge responsibility and fun. It makes you Creative, Innovative, Responsible, Open-minded and sometimes Rich 😉

PS: I am not against MNC’s or other companies but in more favour in working with a new venture.

Author:Anjali Panwar

Blog Link: https://medium.com/@anjalipanwar/why-you-must-work-in-a-start-up-3dd4a700d460

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