Jus' Trufs Chocolate Tour - Corporate Outing

"Team Lunch" - the most popular corporate team activity ever! If you work at a corporate organization, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Having organized many activities for my team in the past, we (my team and I ) thought of doing something different from the same old lunch.And so we thought - whats's it that most of us love? "Chocolates??" Well, with people telling how eating chocolate is better than falling in love, I thought why not experience the chocolate tour at Jus' Trufs, Bangalore.The tour begins with the master chocolatier speaking briefly about how and where chocolate was discovered, some of the largest producers of chocolate and the variety of raw materials used to make different (milk, dark, white) chocolate types. You're also presented with a tray containing the yield at various stages of chocolate making and processing from cacao fruit and beans to cocoa butter and cocoa powder. Since we were a slightly larger group, the chef demonstrated the tempering process (stabilizing chocolate at the right temperature) as it could have gotten real messy if each of us were to try it! After discovering how extremely careful and complex the art of chocolate making is, we tried our hands on decorating some of the chocolate blocks and fudges with sprinkles and icing cone! It turned out to be a very enjoyable experience. Of course, we couldn't skip the important bit - The Lunch. Shabana, the head chef at Jus' Trufs, served some real rich pasta with fresh tomato and creamy bechamel sauce along with garlic toast. The eggless chocolate pastries were the perfect end to the day.Now that's a lunch we'll all remember! ;)

Author:Chaitra Hareesh

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