Believe me, you are ! Without knowing it !!

Deep studies, experiments and research says that 95% of our behaviours, thoughts, and decisions happen in the subconscious world of ours.

We have been speaking of our Belief system. The system is created from the beliefs created by our experiences in the journey that begins maybe in past life / lives (Lets remain silent on that), through our existence in the womb of our mothers, through child hood till now. The belief system is formed by what we pick up from our environment which includes family, religion, community, schooling etc. The system keeps getting refined, modified or reinforced by the layers of our experiences.

What controls our lives are these automated programs. Researchers of human behaviour say that we are born with certain temperaments, traits and qualities that shape our so called personality. Our conditioning in childhood reinforces the system. Haven’t you, then, been hypnotised your own experiences and beliefs? Whether it is Transactional analysis, or psychometrics or Hypnotherapy, I believe that my past past programmed self influences me to live in todays’ situations based on what I experienced or was trained to do in the past.

I have been studying this subject and experimenting with it in my “Human laboratory,” (my experiential learning programmes) and I have discovered that this self awareness can change the way we think and behave after clearly understanding
Why I think and behave the way I do?
What I perceive of the way others I deal with think and behave they do?

This awareness and understanding can be a great tool for controlling our feelings, emotions, anger and many related qualities that shape our personality. We can change our inner world and our little voice by controlling our thinking, beliefs, behaviour, emotions and perspective and live a life that matters.

Author:Sushil Bhasin

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