How to start disrupting the Market

How to start disrupting the MarketAt the start of your entrepreneurship journey, you should generate as many as possible ideas which fulfil a current unmet need of the market. The unmet need could be a product or a service or could be a technology driven solution to a current problem. If you are particularly looking to disrupt the market, then technology should be able to dismantle the existing structures of the business with speed, ease, user experience and cost. The customer is not interested in what is cooking in the kitchen.If your product or service or a solution provides better speed, can be leveraged from a phone app or a portal and has a great user experience while doing all of this at a fraction of current costs then you have done your homework right. The more the automation or use of technology in the business, the more likely it is going turn out to be efficient and hence becoming more scalable. The more your business does away with establishing physical structure and people centric organization the better it will turn out to be.And finally , the more your business uses transactional data for self-learning algorithms or artificial intelligence the more it would be able to predict what lies ahead. Accordingly you can generate funds to scale the business to next level. These are some of the commonalities observed in successful disruptive businesses of the past few years and these hold true for even today and in future as well with only difference being that the role of technology would be greater day by day with very few human interventions required.Gear Up Folks – Exciting Times Lie Ahead

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