10 Killers Ways to Monetize your Blogging

10 Killers Ways to Monetize your Blogging

I know that you clicked on the link because somewhere somehow you want a mentor to guide you and help you generate passive income ideas.

In this blog, I'll be talking about a few ways how you can realize passive income success from just posting blogs- yes, blogs a piece of write-up about the stuff you love to do!

Let me little bit clear the fundamentals, the blog is nothing but a platform where you share informative content and answer the frequently asked questions trying to solve people's problem.

In this blog, I'll be trying to show you 10 killer ways how you can make passive income money from your blog.

1. Become an expert

A blog is backed-up with huge research and analysis. Thus, it adds value and improves your existing knowledge, Finally, opens up the door for multiple side income sources.

2) Google Ads

A blog is a place where you accumulate the crowd. Thus, it's a golden opportunity to monetize the crowd by showing them ads. You achieve this by signing in to the program called Google Adsense.

3) Sponsored Ads

Such type of income is generated by placing ads by contacting directly with third-party vendors or publishers.

4) Affiliate Marketing

Its a process of business model, where you flock traffic on your blog relevant to a niche and try to sell products of third-party vendors from the same niche.

5) Sell your own products

Develop your own digital products and try to sell this to your email lists. There will be a high chance that your email list that is your regular visitor would love to experience your products and later become your regular buyers.

6) Promotion

Make money just be endorsing or promoting other brands in an educational way by not presenting yourself as a salesy guy.

7) Events

Once you grow your blog, you build your brand and get an opportunity to host events relevant to the interests of your visitors.

8) Sell Email database

Email database is a rich source of income. Once you build your subscribers, it grows up to reach a source of lead database list that may help multiple companies to raise awareness about their products or services. And ultimately, you become rich by selling database :)

9) Guest Posts

Once you reach to a certain amount of traffic that other companies in your niche get attracted to your subscribers or readers, its time to make money by publishing the third party guest posts, it would be an indirect promotion of these companies.

10) Teach blogging

Teaching is not only a noble profession but also make you very good money. Teach blogging and the above money making models to other budding bloggers and charge mentoring or tuition fees.

Readers, these are just the 10 ways and the tip of the ice berg. There can be multiple other ways also. Hope that the blog added some value to your precious time. In case, if you have any questions, then please comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Author:Nishath Ahmed

Blog Link: http://www.bestpassiveincome.org/

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