How to Differentiate between Good Motivational Speakers and Authors with Mediocre One’s and How corp

Of late it has become quite commonplace for people to venture into motivational speaking and writing at an early age and take it as a full time profession. Anybody and Everybody with average to good oratory skills is jumping the bandwagon and trying to masquerade as the Greatest Motivational Speaker or Author ever to descend on this earth. It is pertinent to note here that good oratory and language skills are a must for making a mark as distinguished speaker or author but they are not the only skills that are required. What is important is that person should be a renowned achiever. He should have excelled in some field. He should have gone through some insurmountable tough times. He should have shown resilience, endurance and indomitable spirit in coming out of tough situations. In short person should be naturally motivated and only then he can share his experiences with a large audience. He can draw insights from his own experience which can benefit his audience and inspire them to parallel the same grit and determination. In the absence of these experiences most of the run of the mill motivational speakers and authors draw upon the life stories of great achievers and dramatize the delivery to inspire participants and audience. But alas, the outcomes of these sessions are very short lived. The audience may admire the life stories of great achievers but they don’t carry home any insights on what were the motivations of these achievers which propelled them to greatness. They never come to know on what were the internal thought process these folks were going through when they were bracing difficulties. Audiences get to hear second hand information with very little impact on them. That’s where most of the motivational speakers and books fail. Only folks who have experienced adversity and become self-motivated through their own experiences can make an impact. So I will sum up to Corporates that if you really want to make a lasting impact with motivational levels of your leadership team, then please engage someone who possess the above mentioned traits. Simply engaging folks with fancy language skills wouldn’t be effective.

Author:Arun Malik

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