The Power Of Positive Thinking

It is often said that thinking positive is easier said than done. We often hear motivational books, best motivational authors and best motivational speakers all propagating the cause of Positive Thinking in our lives. Yet in the face of adversity we all go in a downward spiral and let negative thoughts permeate our minds. All of us are unique and have different propensity to brace tough times. Some folks give in early, some endure to an extent and some simply don’t give up until they turn the situation around.Behavioural scientist have tried to decipher the distinct pattern of our thoughts under adverse circumstances and have come to the following conclusion regarding our unique endurance limits.Positive thinking has to be inculcated as a habit. Every situation has a two sides to it. The positive thinkers emphasize the positive side whereas negative thinkers gloat over the negatives. Human brain has a limited memory and processing power. If you feed positive thoughts every day, these thoughts get accumulated in your memory and after a certain stage in any tough situation your positive brain machinery is still active and it releases positive responses to deal with the crises at hand. As we all know brain structure is very plastic in nature. If we use certain section of brain more often, it develops and gets enlarged to subside the other parts of brain. So positive thinkers feed in to the positive brain machinery which develops and makes your negative machinery smaller and less active.Those who practice positive thinking and see positive side of every situation however depressing it may are the ones who come out as winners in every situation. One should start a step by step approach to positive thinking. If you see a failure in life, think of it as stepping stone to a bigger and larger success and renew your efforts with vigour. If you see a relationship falling apart, you should view it as an opportunity to start afresh and build better and more loving relations. Every setback can be viewed positively. One should train their mind to do it. Over a period of time you will find that positive thinking has become your natural response to any adverse condition. Winning and losing in life is all in your hands. With you positive mindset you can convert your losses to gains in no time. Happy Positive Thinking.

Author:Arun Malik

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