Flying Girl

I was travelling from Chennai to Hyderabad in a bus during the day. A young girl sat next to me. She was in her early 20s; she seemed to be disturbed quite a lot. It seemed like she was arguing to herself in her thoughts. Maybe her first break up, I thought. I did not want to trouble her. I started to gaze outside the window. The bus was running by the paddy fields and it was sunny outside. I tried to close the window.Suddenly, I felt a touch on my shoulder, i slowly turned towards her. She gently smiled and asked me. “Can I ask you something?”I was happy to chat with her, looking at her in pain for this long. “Yes please. ““If you had a chance to possess a super power what would it be? “I was surprised to hear this question. This seemed totally out of context. I thought for a moment and responded. Well i would like the power of controlling people’s mind from anywhere across the world… before i could finish, She says. “I would like the power to fly.” she continued “I should be able to fly anywhere I want. Far away from problems. If you are facing a problem anywhere just get up and fly somewhere else.” she seemed to be deep in her thoughts again.Well it sounded reasonable for me..And i followed it up with this question. To till date I did not know why I asked this question to her. That one question changed my life forever and has be haunting me till date. What happens if you have too many problems? I asked it with a smile on my face.“She gently responded with a smile. You can always decide to end it.”She seems to have already lost interest in the conversation. I followed it up with another question. Where are you going to?She said Jatnga, Assam. And turned her face around and closed her eyes to sleep.I realized the conversation was over. She was far away from her destination Assam, I thought.After a couple of days, while i was at work I decided to Google Jatinga. I had the shock of my life. I was startled and my whole body started shivering…Jatinga, a village on a ridge, is located in Dima Hasao district, Assam State in India. It is 330 kilometers south of Guwahati. It is most famous for the phenomenon of birds “committing suicide”.

Author:Abilash Geetha Balan

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