Story on plastic ban

The sand beneath my feet is reddish black and muddy. I can't breathe properly. My lungs are craving for some oxygen. I ask for help from others. But they all are facing the same difficulty. The sun seems far away, there is hardly any water around and we can see our Mother Earth far below. Beckoning us, waving at us...calling us to come back. We all are...on Planet Mars ....our new home. Yes, we have all destroyed our beloved Mother Earth and shifted to Mars. From a deep blue-lush green planet, from here we can now see that men have turned Earth into a dull grey-dark black planet with no life form. And who is responsible?We, the mankind. We did not take care of our dear Mother Earth. We used plastic universally and casually in everything from - grocery bags, trash bags, shopping bags, bottles, to kitchenware and in everything else. We did not heed the advice of environmentalists, of scientists to stop using plastic. We used, we reused and we destroyed mother Earth.'Tttrriiinggg'......goes my alarm. I am panting. I suddenly wake up from my dream. A dream which can be turned into reality if not attended to now. The day will not be far away when we really will have to shift to another planet. So wake up, ban your Mother Earth. We have only one.

Author:Mayuri Talia

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