• Jugashree Juganari

  • ₹ 50
  • Published on : Feb. 6, 2019

    Language: oriya

    Frequency: Monthly

    • Magazine Description:

    • “Jugashree Juganari’ is one of the oldest and largely circulated monthly women magazine of the state and also outside. It was started by Dr. Radha Devi at Kolkata on dt. 2.10.1961 on the very birthday of M.K.Gandhi . Radha Devi was founder member and president of Zilla Nari Sangha. In her profession as Gynaecologist she came in contact with many distressed women and children and to mitigate their owes she was determined to work for women empowerment and their emancipation from wretched social and economic conditions of living . This motive as a sense of service prompted her to organise the women and fight for their rights, make them conscious of their privileges. And the monthly women magazine ‘ Jugashree Juganari’ she published became a media of consciousness and resucscitation and mouth piece of the women sector of the society . .

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